Where did the idea for 'The Ghost of Crow Cavern' come from?

It is funny how things just happen!  Back in 2003 I, following my heart moved from Britain to Finland . When moving to a new country there is a period where one is noticing differences from home. The difference (slightly worryingly) that struck me the hardest was that the squirrels in Finland are red and at home they are grey.

It transpired that the squirrels in England were red in the past but their numbers seriously depleted once the larger grey squirrel was introduced from North America.

If you want to know more about the real situation press the link below.


The grey squirrel is larger than their smaller cousins and in the real world it was the viruses that the reds had no natural immunity to that led to their depletion. But the wonderful thing about fiction is that it does not have to follow real world facts. I imagined skirmishes  and battles between the two types, I imagined danger and heroism and dark characters.

In The Ghost of Crow Cavern the sinister Shadowtail announces

Your colony is ours and we shall endeavour to use you and your resources to enrichen the imperial spoils of conquest and world domination.

So, from this simple observation eventually grew characters like Shadowtail, Cheswick, Brutenuts, Old Normsk and many others and the adventures of Nutshaven had begun.


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