What kind of a character is Skug Butcher?

Our main villain is Shadowtail but very often with sinister leaders have a sidekick and in 'The Ghost of Crow Cavern,' the sidekick is Scug Butcher.

Scug Butcher is the largest and the most brutish squirrel out of the grey invading troupe. He is no doubt thuggish and a complete bully. His physical size and the fact that he is so closely associated with the leader makes him very intimidating to his fellow greys and absolutely terrifying to the reds.

As a pup, Skug towered above the other pups of his own age and began to loom over his poor teachers at an incredibly young age. What got him so much attention at school was not his mind but his brutish strength. He did not have to be provoked to show thuggish tendencies. The only way to get him on side was to be one of his cronies but even that was a dangerous game to play as every so often his dark side would flare up, often without any provocation, and he would issue a beating to whoever was in his immediate vicinity or whoever had somehow annoyed him.

Like most bullies Skug is deep down a coward, he only intimidates those who he knows he can but the trouble is he can get away with it with the vast majority owing to his freakish size. The only character he is wary of is his leader Shadowtail. A good example of this is when he has to bear the bad news to Shadowtail that Brutenuts had escaped:

Scug's head was facing the floor and he felt like a young schoolboy in the headmaster's office
Already before leaving school Skug was spotted by one of the grey empire's scouts and earmarked as one that would be very useful to the cause. They didn't take him to their special training quarters  for his brains but for his sheer brawn.

Skug has not been illustrated yet but what do you think he would look like?

Is there a Skug Butcher in your school?


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