Who is Iku Turso?

There is a crucial moment in the story when after exuding such dominance over the reds, the greys are finally outwitted.  The riptide that runs just off the Nutshaven shoreline is given a name, Iku Turso.

For Shadowtail would have surely warned about Iku Turso, the demonic riptide that ran along these waters and made swimming impossible.

But where does this unusual name come from?

The story has some links with Finland and Iku Turso has a connection with what is known as the Kalvela.


The Kalvela was a project to write down and bring together in one set of works many of the ancient Finnish folklore stories which existed and were passed down from generation to generation. J.R.R. Tolkien was very interested in this national epic and he felt that Britain lacked such an epic and his creation of Middle Earth and all that was embodied within it was a kind of attempt to create one. 

Iku Turso is a malevolent sea monster which is mentioned in the Kalevala. There have been many attempts to illustrate this mythical monster and below is my favourite.


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