Weird Things Can Happen During the Writing Process

One of the amazing things that can happen during a creative writing project is a complete escape into the fantasy world. Whether one is rich or poor, young or old, there always seems to be events or even the thought of future events which can cause stress and anxiety. Perhaps, it is just one of the human conditions.

Ok back to the book, the setting for this fantasy story is on an island called Nutshaven. Close to where I currently live in Helsinki there is a small island called Seurasaari (seura meaning company as in 'she was great company' and saari meaning island in Finnish.) Everyday during the writing of the story I would walk around the island in order to put myself directly into the book's setting. I would imagine the characters of the book and what they would be doing and where they would be.

As the story was drawing to an end on one particular day in autumn I was walking from my home towards Seurasaari-Nutshaven and I was in deep thought about how the adventure was going to end. I was considering how all of the threads were going to come together. Before I had even reached the island, while deeply engrossed in thought a man on a bike rode down a steep bank towards me. In that second he was Cheswick Redbrush smiling at me. The man looked surprise at the expression on my face.

Perhaps twenty five minutes later I was strolling around the perimeter of the island and once again I was concentrating intensely trying to come up with a suitable ending. Once again my mind was in Nutshaven imagining a battle between Brutenuts the Brave and the giant Skug. All of sudden, out of nowhere a Japanese lady came running out from the forest screaming something in English.

I have been attacked by a squirrel, it won't leave me alone, it keeps running up my back
In my dreamy state that was still in Nutshaven I really began to doubt my sanity. Here I am intensely thinking about the red squirrel colony of Nutshaven and passers by were resembling my characters and red squirrels were attacking visitors.


Have you had any weird experiences while being completely engrossed in your thoughts during a creative project?

Would love to hear your stories.


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